Entre Fragmentos

“La vida del hombre como comentario de un hermético e inconcluso poema" V.N.

Mariposas ahogadas en el tintero

whitman«Although I am capable, through long dabbling in blue magic, of imitating any prose in the world (but singularly enough not verse—I am a miserable rhymester), I do not consider myself a true artist, save in one matter: I can do what only a true artist can do—pounce upon the forgotten butterfly of revelation, wean myself abruptly from the habit of things, see the web of the world, and the warp and the weft of that web.»
(Vladimir Nabokov)

Passa uma borboleta por diante de mim
E pela primeira vez no Universo eu reparo
Que as borboletas não têm cor nem movimento,
Assim como as flores não têm perfume nem cor.
A cor é que tem cor nas asas da borboleta,
No movimento da borboleta o movimento é que se move.
O perfume é que tem perfume no perfume da flor.
A borboleta é apenas borboleta
E a flor é apenas flor.
(Alberto Caeiro)

«Take the word butterfly. To use this word it is not necessary to make the voice weigh less than an ounce or equip it with small dusty wings. It is not necessary to invent a sunny day or a field of daffodils. It is not necessary to be in love, or to be in love with butterflies. The word butterfly is not a real butterfly. There is the word and there is the butterfly. If you confuse these two items people have the right to laugh at you. Do not make so much of the word. Are you trying to suggest that you love butterflies more perfectly than anyone else, or really understand their nature? The word butterfly is merely data. It is not an opportunity for you to hover, soar, befriend flowers, symbolize beauty and frailty, or in any way impersonate a butterfly. Do not act out words. Never act out words. Never try to leave the floor when you talk about flying. Never close your eyes and jerk your head to one side when you talk about death. Do not fix your burning eyes on me when you speak about love. If you want to impress me when you speak about love put your hand in your pocket or under your dress and play with yourself. If ambition and the hunger for applause have driven you to speak about love you should learn how to do it without disgracing yourself or the material.»
(Leonard Cohen)

Asesinado por el cielo,
entre las formas que van hacia la sierpe
y las formas que buscan el cristal,
dejaré crecer mis cabellos.

Con el árbol de muñones que no canta
y el niño con el blanco rostro de huevo.

Con los animalitos de cabeza rota
y el agua harapienta de los pies secos.

Con todo lo que tiene cansancio sordomudo
y mariposa ahogada en el tintero.

Tropezando con mi rostro distinto de cada día.
¡Asesinado por el cielo!
(Federico García Lorca)

«I confess I do not believe in time. I like to fold my magic carpet, after use, in such a way as to superimpose one part of the pattern upon another. Let visitors trip. And the highest enjoyment of timelessness―in a landscape selected at random―is when I stand among rare butterflies and their food plants. This is ecstasy, and behind the ecstasy is something else, which is hard to explain. It is like a momentary vacuum into which rushes all that I love. A sense of oneness with sun and stone. A thrill of gratitude to whom it may concern―to the contrapuntal genius of human fate or to tender ghosts humoring a lucky mortal.»
(Vladimir Nabokov)


«Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large – I contain multitudes.» (Walt Whitman)


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De la misma manera que el narrador de Pálido fuego apuntaba: nuestro poeta sugiere aquí que la vida humana no es sino una serie de notas a pie de página de una vasta y oscura obra maestra inconclusa,Entre Fragmentos nace como un espacio de reflexión interdisciplinar. Diego Giménez.
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