Entre Fragmentos

“La vida del hombre como comentario de un hermético e inconcluso poema" V.N.

Revista «MATLIT»

cover_issue_102_pt_PTMATLIT is an online journal published by the Doctoral Program in Advanced Studies in the Materialities of Literature, School of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra. MATLIT emerges as a forum for articulating the teaching and research components of the program, and for engaging the international critical debate in this field, on a platform particularly suited to publication of work whose intermedia nature is not always compatible with paper. It is our intention to establish MATLIT as a reference publication in a field that is bound to grow, and which extends from literary studies to comparative media studies and to digital humanities. The journal will use the following working languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. It will develop an admittedly interdisciplinary and transmedial perspective, and it will be organized in thematic issues. For each issue a Call for Papers will be produced.



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De la misma manera que el narrador de Pálido fuego apuntaba: nuestro poeta sugiere aquí que la vida humana no es sino una serie de notas a pie de página de una vasta y oscura obra maestra inconclusa,Entre Fragmentos nace como un espacio de reflexión interdisciplinar. Diego Giménez.
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